Anniversary of an Ordinary Day

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I originally posted this last year, but the anniversary deserves to be celebrated regularly. Peace, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Originally posted on DAILY PRESENTS:

Fall-sunset-gristmill_-_Virginia_-_ForestWanderThree years ago, on November 10th, I posted this on my Facebook page:

“I have seen people posting the things they are thankful for in November…here’s mine: I went for a walk on the battlefields last night during my son’s soccer practice. It was a beautiful, beautiful twilight. The sun was setting through the trees, leaving them in silhouette, shining on the water of a little creek, making it sparkle. The fall colors were luminous; the sky was clear blue aside from the colors of the sunset just starting to bleed in. It was quiet – so quiet – except for the sounds of a woodpecker that I stopped to watch for a while, and a chipmunk who ran through the leaves. The air was cool and crisp and smelled like fall. Perfection.

And I had a moment of clarity.

All of this beauty is always here. Every day. I…

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