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My dear friend recently lost her mother to stage IV melanoma. She wrote this essay (among others if you visit her blog) that beautifully summarizes what it means to live in each present moment – a feat that for many of us is much easier said than done. Re-blogging this post with much love.

Letters to my mom

kaths phone 369I sat by the pool and watched Connor navigate his way over to the small playground. He fearlessly attempted to join a group of other children who had been playing together. He tried to take charge and asked them all if they wanted to play Mine Craft, which is actually a video game. He proceeded to assign roles, and he began to make the sound effects and respond to imaginary creepers and swords. For a while, the other children tried to join him, but quickly you could tell by their stares between one another that they were not quite sure how to play this game that was clearly only vivid in Connor’s mind. They couldn’t see the blocks and towers and fire that Connor so clearly could; they saw slides, swings, and monkey bars. They may have been able to imagine with Connor for a bit, but in time Connor…

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