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versatilebloggerawardFirst, I would like to thank the academy…

Tee Hee.

Seriously, though, I am so honored that one of my readers thought to nominate me for any kind of award.  This makes me feel heard.  And like the time I spend pouring out my thoughts and then sending them off to the universe via the internet is time well spent.  Even if she is the only person reading who likes it.  With that, I offer my most sincere gratitude to Six Words Blog.  If you haven’t visited this blog yet, please do.  Aimee’s writing is raw and honest and moving.  I am honored that she allows her readers to hold space with her after an experience I can’t begin to fathom.  Thank you again, Aimee – for reading and for this act of kindness.

Now comes the hard part.  Apparently, I am supposed to nominate 15 other bloggers for this award as part of the “rules.”  This is difficult, because I am pretty sure I don’t read that many blogs.  But I will nominate the ones that I do take time to read on a pretty regular basis.  Most of them probably don’t need my peanut-gallery nomination, but it’s the thought that counts.  I am unclear if I can “re-nominate” Six Words Blog, but I am going to put it on the list anyway.  For good measure.

Here goes:

Six Words Blog
Again, thank you 🙂
Gratitude, gratitude…

This is probably my favorite blog of all time.  Glennon Melton is an inspiration.  And if any of my 53 or so readers haven’t found her yet (doubtful), maybe this little award will do the trick.

Hands Free Mama
Another favorite, Rachel Macy Stafford is a lovely and inspired human being.  Her writing moves me to joyful tears of clarity on a regular basis.

Masala Chica
Kiran’s blog is spicy, just like the name of the blog implies.  She clearly has a deep goodness, kind heart and fiery soul.  I hope I get to meet her in person some day and sing some Indigo Girls duets with her.

Crumpets in Camelot
This is the blog of one of my dear friends, who recently moved “across the pond,” and has been blogging about her adventures as well as the beautiful food (mostly mouth-watering baked goods) with which she nourishes herself and her family on said-adventures.  If you want to take a virtual tour through Europe with virtual kids in tow and virtual baked treats (which have no calories, by the way), visit her blog.  Delish in every sense.  Love to you, friend.

Inch of Gray
Anna’s story is one of pain followed by hope and enveloped in love.  She is a beautiful writer and human being, and her son lives now and forever in the hearts of her many readers.

To Be Aware
This was the first blogger to ever “like” one of my posts.  And his blog is just cool.  He seems a very present person with an aura that transcends the internet.  I really like checking in here every now and again, and am also thankful for that first little click of encouragement.

Curiosity Cat
I “met” this blogger online as a fellow Momastery-groupie.  She is a cool cat 😉

I apologize for not following the letter of the law in terms of Versatile Blogger Award rules, but I am hoping that the Academy will be versatile, because these are the only blogs I follow with any regularity.  And I follow them because I really like them,  so I think that they most certainly deserve an award.


Also according to the rules, I am supposed to share seven things about me that you don’t know…here goes:

1. I think religion, art and science are just different languages trying to describe the same indescribable things.

2. Sometimes I feel like my head runs a loop of one metaphor for life after another during the course of a day.

3. As a kid, I used to find myself narrating my life as if I was starring in a movie.  For example, my mother would say, “Go to your room!” And in my head I would add, “she yelled dramatically and unfairly, as the young girl stormed to her room.”  I think this was the precursor to the running metaphor loop.

4. I love chocolate.

5. After I finish this list, it is likely that I will start playing Words With Friends on my phone.

6. My son thinks that all I do all day while he is at school is play Words With Friends on my phone.

7. My son is incorrect.  This is not at all what I do all day.  🙂

8. (I am giving you a bonus) If you like what you read here, I have ANOTHER blog.  There is some cross-over, but Daily Presents is a little more free, personal, stream of consciousness observations, while Cadigan Creative has more of a mission to connect with the creativity of others, and allows me to share my work-life.  If you have something you are creatively doing to make the world a little bit better, check it out and let me know :).

Thank you again.
Spread a little love today.